Social Media Marketing

To tweet, or not to tweet? We’ll answer the question.
With only a few seconds to catch your audience's attention, what is it you want to say most? We cut through all the unnecessary clutter and post straight from the heart of your brand instead. All our content is purposely crafted to curate an experience for the audience and spark conversation. We keep them engaged in what you're saying which means you can reach more people and grow your network faster - and we’ll provide the data reporting to prove it! Our social experts will foster your platforms and make sure each one has a unique voice that comprehensively represents your brand. Leave the image resizing, post boosting, and local content to us! If you're ready to take your social presence to the next level, then contact us.

Social media advertising & management

Sometimes you need a little boost. We will make all your ad dollars count to provide you with greater reach and impressions as well as analyze the impact made.

Social media strategy

Generic isn’t our thing. Each strategy is tailored specifically to your brand with your goals in mind to build your brand persona, gain exposure and grow followers.

Social media content creation

All our content is artfully crafted to create an experience for the audience and inspire a conversation. Our social experts will nurture your platforms and make sure each one has a unique voice that represents all the different facets of your brand.

Social media analysis & reporting

We provide measurable results through a customized social media report. By collecting valuable information from your individualized social media strategy we can determine what is working for your brand, what isn’t, who your audience is, and so much more. Utilizing this information will help us determine the best way to provide you with a ROI.
"It's been absolutely wonderful working with Citro Digital. They've completely captured the vision I had after interviewing me about my goals, the message I had in mind to convey, and the energy I wanted to create. They delivered everything timely, thoughtfully and very creatively. I absolutely love sharing my website and social media posts with everyone. The feedback I get from everyone is amazing. Very grateful to everyone for their hard work and dedication. Thank you Citro Digital for making me look good!"