Xamarin Certified

Taking your business mobile

66% More Efficient than Traditional Development Methods
15k+ Companies Rely on Xamarin
At Citro, we love to streamline our processes in order to save time and money without sacrificing our quality of work. Xamarin allows us to do just that! Sound too good to be true? Think we might be using black magic? Think again.


The Mystery of Xamarin Revealed

One For All
With Xamarin, the days of developing separate apps for iOS, Android, and Windows are over! One line of code is all it takes to create three fully-functioning applications. As far as developers are concerned, Xamarin is a true dream come true!
Minimum Maintenance
Upkeep is as easy as updating a single line of code, rather than scouring through all three applications to both find and update the same functionality.
Maximum Performance
Developing your application on one platform guarantees a unified user experience and optimized performance across all devices.
With native user interfaces, native API access, and native performance performance, Xamarin is able to leverage your mobile device's hardware and software all at the same time to deliver the best performing product on the market.

In order to flaunt our Xamarin certification, our developers have demonstrated high levels of knowledge and understanding on how to build an efficient mobile app. Thanks to  Xamarin University, we are able grow our knowledge of the platform while staying up-to-date with the latest app development trends.

Need more convicing? Big name companies like Fox Sports and UPS are diving into Xamarin and discovering everything is has to offer! By now, you must be ready to start your Xamarin project