March 01, 2019

PBS39 Your Take with Tracy Yatsko

We’ve been featured on the PBS39 program Your Take with Tracy Yatsko, the millennial edition! The Citro team had the opportunity to share our company culture and what we believe millennials want from the modern corporate world, as well as what will attract and retain them moving forward.

As a predominantly millennial team forging ahead in a startup environment, Citro Digital is excited to be featured on the Millennial episode of the PBS39 program Your Take with Tracy Yatsko that aired on March 1, 2019, at 7 p.m. The program features Tracy and five students who share their perspectives on various topics with the goal of opening up a conversation and establishing common ground.

This episode aims to discuss the millennials, ages 23 to 38, and dispel some common myths that people associate with the generation. Millennials have been tagged as lazy, unmotivated, and attached to their phones, however, rarely are the positives examined by society. Our team had the pleasure of discussing what makes the work environment exciting, fulfilling, and millennial-friendly. Expectations were among the conversation as this generation expects communication, flexibility, diversity, to make an impact, teamwork, and a comfortable environment to speak their mind.

Dr. Brandy Baldwin, CEO Millennial Ventures Holdings, was featured as well. She discusses the importance of Career Freedom, fulfilling expectations, and communication in the workplace which naturally differ between Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials. Seeing Baby Boomers’ experiences with layoffs has created a less loyal millennial generation which requires employers to really strive to retain this target group. However, that shouldn’t discourage businesses but rather motivate them to cultivate and partner with Millennials that are a driving force in the corporate world.

We urge businesses to not underestimate Millennials but rather embrace their knowledge that bridges the technological divide and we believe, as a Millennial-run business, we can be an example of that.

Your Take Ep. 5 - Millennials