We focus on only the most cutting-edge ideas in the marketing industry so we can provide our customers with a brilliant product but we’re always looking to elevate our team. At Citro Digital, we give our team members the perfect environment to explore their passions and take their careers to the next level, all while enjoying the journey.

Perks of the Job

Flexible start time
Nothing is more stressful than racing the clock to get to work on time. That’s why we believe in a flexible start time. Do you work best first thing in the morning? Great, come in at 7:30. Need a little time? See you at 9. As long as you are working, time management is on you.
Fun Happenings
We enjoy each other’s company so much, sometimes we even hang out after work! You can find us sharing a drink, watching a movie, giving back to the community, or painting the town red.
Team building activities
Not only is team building fun, it’s important. How else would we know that one of our content writers is in love with the oxford comma, or that some of us can’t hum? It also helps us know how to work together as a stronger team.
Staying on the pulse is important to us. That’s why we make continuing education a priority by attending seminars and finding excuses to visit Google HQ. We believe that learning new things and hearing new perspectives helps us avoid operating in a silo.
Professional certifications
Citro team members need more things to brag about. That’s why we provide opportunities for our team members to become certified in what they do. Not only is it impressive to drop “Google certified” in conversation, but it helps us better help our customers when we are experts.
Dogs in the office
Need we say more?
Current Career Opportunities

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